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Data Available
Verifications for:
Schneider Entities
Records Since:
Carrier only provides past 7 years
Record Types:
Former and Current
Current Driver Information Contact:
No additional information provided
Wage Information Contact:
Fax Request to 877-701-2863 or email
Allow 3-5 business days for response.
DOT-Related Information
Accident Records Since:
Carrier only provides past 7 years
Drug & Alcohol Records:
Not Through Driver IQ - See Report for Details for the Schneider Entities
  D/A Release MUST be dated within:
30 days

Did you know that if you are a Driver IQ client, you can run a PRE (Previous Record of Employment) and obtain all employment records for your driver found in our Driver IQ database. If interested, please click here


To receive a copy of your Employment Report OR, to dispute your Employment Report, please click HERE.
Download a copy of the FCRA.